Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Having a Blast

I think I'm sort of losing the good balance I had last week between school work and fun with friends. I sort of went over board on the weekend with Erica here. I got it all done - that's not the problem, but I could have done it better and with more sleep. Now I'm on a friend high and I spent most of yesterday goofing off. Well, part of the goofing was productive, I gave Casey his computer back and I saw a friend I needed to see, I haven't seen her in about 3 weeks or so and I was feeling bad. Fortunately she was at my other friend's house when I visited them. Then finished off the night at Jedd's and Brigham and Jeff were there, we just kicked it back a bit. I wish I'd taken homework, they were all doing homework while I was there. All I was doing was showing off my new baby. :) I love this laptop so much.

I'm thinking a lot about this weekend, I just want it all to go well and have a good time. I'm WAY excited for lunch Tuesday with Marsh and Mierow. :) I'm also going to see Hopes and Jeff. I sense good times ahead...

A guy just passed me in the library and said, "Your computer is CUTE." I've never before heard a guy use the word cute sincerely. That was truly sincere.

You were right, Mom, it's blowing my mind... and everyone else's too. Everyone is just like, "oh, cute laptop." Then I show them that it's a Mac. And they all start FREAKING out. It's funny.

Well, back to the homework.

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