Friday, May 8, 2009

"Forget the grade, go for the knowledge."

I'l repeat it: "Forget the grade, go for the knowledge."

I love my english class. It's so true - if I'm so focused on the grade, chances are I'll do the bare minimum to get the grade I want. It worked most of the time in high school. But then I got to the MTC. There were no grades in the MTC. There were pop quizzes, but they were never noted and saved in some huge folder telling the educational story of my life. No. What there was in the MTC was learn everything you can, because your survival over the next year and a half depends 100% on knowing this stuff. I was in it to learn.

Now I'm back in school - grades are back. I'm not trying as hard. Why? My theories:
1. I now have a social life. That didn't really exist as an option in the MTC. Sort of, but not really.
2. The grades are back. There is that bare minimum option that I'm always aware of in the back of my head. (Of course, my view of the bare minimum has officially changed. I used to think the bare minimum was a C. Now it's an A, and the bare minimum involves doing all the homework and everything - but I'm still not learning to learn. I'm learning to get stuff done.)
3. My survival does not depend on this knowledge. As much as my Economics teacher would like to believe contrary - I'll get by in life without knowing how to make a supply and demand graph.

These are the basic differences I've discerned. The issue is: I don't need to see it like that. Social life should always come second. Grades are not what I'm fighting for. Economics are sort of useful, and I have to understand the stupid supply and demand graph to get to the meatier stuff that matters.

I'm just blowing off a bit of steam, but yeah. I'm doing the minimum for As. I'm jut still procrastinating it all. If I don't change now, I'll find myself at a day where I can't get the rest done during the breaks between classes. I may have two 1.5 hour breaks, but that doesn't make waiting okay. I need to get ahead of the game. I need to do it now.

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  1. Astute commentary... So decide what you want, do what it takes to get to BYU, remember there is a goal. Love you